The effects of the concept of globalization, which has made a rapid entry into our lives, are felt more and more day by day. In parallel with globalization and the development of information technologies, communication and interaction among people has also increased. This active interaction environment means a very broad participation market for companies. This situation is effective in the formation of a new marketing approach.

It has become more difficult to grow and manage companies and to stay ahead in a competitive environment in the new market environment, which is gradually expanding and reaching the target audience through digital means. For companies, issues such as managing customer relations, communication between teams, marketing and sales management have come to the fore.

Software in the economic market World


In the new world order, when the Internet began to develop, the concept of software, which we were unfamiliar with, has become a field that transforms the world. Such an important concept; It has transformed the world of economy as well as in every sector. Knowing the question of what is software and recognizing the prominent software in the industry makes it easier for investors.

Software is defined as machine commands that enable different technological devices to create a communication and interaction network. The usage area of ​​the software in the most practical way; To make people’s work easier and faster. Companies that have to keep up with digital transformation adapt from traditional management approach to digital management, marketing and sales approach with various software.

It is a fact that phenomena such as digital marketing, digital management and digital sales come to the fore in the economic world. For this reason, software development and adaptation of software to the whole company has become important in sectors in the world of economy.

Healthcare Softwares

One of the most developing districts of today, the field of health has witnessed serious digital transformations. Software in the health sector; used for a wide variety of purposes. From the management of health companies to the strengthening of communication between departments, software comes into play. Purposes of use of software in the health sector:

  • management of medical equipment,
  • yönetimimanagement of the wide network between health personnel, patients and auxiliary services,
  • management of interdepartmental communication,
  • projecting the operation of the medical database,
  • yönetimimanagement of the appointment system,
  • to facilitate and accelerate the work of the enterprise.

CRM Customer Relationship Management in the healthcare industry

For all sectors, customer comments and customer satisfaction have become important in brand or company competition. Online platforms, where individuals easily share their opinions about companies in the digital environment, have been effective in drawing attention to the concept of customer satisfaction. Operators in the health services sector, where investment is accelerating; In order not to lag behind its competitors, it has started to include applications that emphasize customer satisfaction in the health sector.

CRM in the health sector is based on customer relationship management. The benefits of CRM studies in the health sector should be known. In order for the company to be managed more powerfully, the benefits of customer relationship management in the field of health should be well analyzed by the investors. Benefits of CRM in the healthcare industry:

  • Customer Relationship Management çalışmaları, müşterinin sağlık işletmesini tercih etmesinde etkili olmaktadır.
  • Sağlık işletmelerinin potansiyel müşterilere ulaşmak için stratejilerini yenileme ya da değiştirmesini sağlar,
  • Sağlık işletmesini geliştirir ve rekabet ortamında ilerde olmasında etkilidir.

The management of customer relations in healthcare is a very deep subject. From the evaluation of the data analysis of this subject to the creation of a healthy infrastructure; It covers a wide range of topics, from monitoring chronic customers to delivering health services to customers. For the active management of customer services, the strategic planning of the company should be done well, the support of experts or health agencies should be obtained.

Web design in the healthcare industry

In the wide market environment created by the widespread use of the Internet, web pages play an important role in delivering products or services to the target audience. In addition, web pages are also effective in gaining the trust of the target audience in terms of a person or a business or a brand. Businesses or individuals are advised to review their web pages when they are unsure about products or services. Strong web pages give confidence and paint an image of the quality of the product or service.

In the health sector, businesses should also attach importance to the design of strong and interesting websites in a competitive environment, as well as regular websites. To potential customers with web design in the health sector;

  • General information about the business is given,
  • The company’s transportation and contact information is given,
  • The services provided in the business are introduced,
  • The target audience is informed about the competencies in the field by including the CVs of the doctors,
  • It is also aimed that the public can reach accurate and up-to-date information about public health.

Website designs that give confidence in the health sector should be made by competent people. It should be noted that websites that are simply prepared and not updated will not paint a good image.