ILASIK is a Lasik surgery using the most modern inventions of laser technology. Intralase (Knifeless Laser) and a comprehensive 3D eye map Astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia are repaired with computer-controlled, sensitive methods. A personalized treatment plan is given to each patient. Wavefront Technology is used in conjunction with this therapeutic strategy.

ILASIK Application

To use ILASIK as a starting point for tailoring laser therapy, a complete 3-dimensional map of the eye must be created. Necessary sterilization is applied after the eyes are anesthetized with anesthetic drops. To create a flap in the cornea, an incision can be made using the Intralase laser without using a knife. According to the treatment plan and data sent to the laser device, the cornea is reshaped and refractive errors are corrected.

Millimeter-level eye movements are recorded during application to ensure that the lasers are directed correctly and that the therapy is completed as planned. The valve should be installed as the last step. The operation is painless for the patient.

How i-Lasik Surgery Perform?

In order to guarantee that all defects in ILASIK laser surgery are corrected to the patient’s satisfaction, all operating components are personalized for each patient using wavefront and design technologies, combined with an eye recognition system. With the femtosecond laser, bladeless incisions can be created, increasing the success of the procedure.



To identify the program, a light beam is introduced into the eye and an image in the retinal layer is analyzed. It is the best alternative for people with poor night vision or large pupils who want to avoid scattering and shadowing around the laser light. The operating system is selected after extensive evaluation with Wavefront analyzers.

iDesign Wavefront

The first step is to create a personal vision profile using Wavescan technology. A microsecond long femtosecond laser is then used to make an incision on the cornea. The iLASIK laser app can now be used to correct vision. One of the benefits of using the Advanced CustomVueTM program is the three-dimensional visual mapping of the Wavefront aberrometer.

Before the laser beam reaches the eye, a special camera records the data it emits. This information is sent to the laser and treatment proceeds as intended. Directing the laser beam to the appropriate target is very important in laser treatment. Wavefront therapy can be performed in two ways: sitting down for measurements and lying down for surgery. In this position, the eye can move slightly to the right or left. The laser device can detect the movement of the eye around its axis and identify the iris layer of the subject. As a result, an eye tracker is required to digitally lock the device in place.

Advantages of Ilasik Treatment Method

ILASIK is the only eye laser treatment method that uses Wavefront technology to evaluate corneal irregularities, more commonly known by the Eagle Eye brand. Providing three-dimensional mapping of the eye, Wavefront discovers and quantifies optical errors with 25 times the precision of conventional procedures. ILASIK surgery uses accurate measurements obtained using wavefront technology.

As a result, even the smallest defects and abnormalities in the cornea can be corrected appropriately. Wavefront technology enables the development and implementation of a personalized treatment plan. ILASIK is a step-by-step technique, each stage of which is suitable for the patient’s eye structure and visual quality. ILASIK patients are very satisfied with the results of the procedure in terms of visual clarity, clarity, night vision and glare.

Corneal incisions required for iLasik, also called flaps, are created with laser asymmetrically and in accordance with the patient. It is possible to create wings of desired thickness and width. It offers a more sensitive therapy option as it is completely computer controlled. Complications arising from the flap are reduced. There is a high probability of full recovery after treatment. Even with its relatively thin corneal structure, it ensures safe operation and allows laser treatment.