Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important tool that can shape today’s world. Today, when talking about social media, only the networks in which individuals interact in the virtual environment are not mentioned. Social channels that guide even world politics from time to time and draw attention to serious issues with important discussions; It is also the apple of the eye of the digital marketing industry.

When it comes to what is social media, more or less everyone has information about it. People interact with each other and with businesses;

  • video or photo sharing platforms,
  • social networking channels,
  • blogs,
  • sound sharing platforms are one of the important types of social media

The Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing

The answer to the question of what is digital marketing is a frequently sought after topic. In today’s digital culture, businesses use digital opportunities to promote their target audiences and gain their trust; Making their services visible can be defined as digital marketing.

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The most common online channels of digital marketing are social media. Social media are platforms where people form a wide network. A large number of people from very different groups who need different services can be easily reached through online channels. For this reason, social networking sites, social networking platforms, video or audio sharing channels mean reaching more potential customers for businesses.

The advantages of social media marketing should be well known. Benefits of digital marketing on social media:

  • The recognition of the brand is increasing,
  • Businesses reach more target audiences in a shorter time,
  • With digital marketing, the brand’s social media accounts are also growing and a customer potential is created,
  • Digital marketing in social media is also effective in getting feedback from the target audience easily. The comments and criticisms of the target audience play an important role in updating the brand.

Stages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a subject that needs to be meticulously maintained and requires expertise and knowledge. There are important steps in marketing through social media. Reaching the right target audience is also extremely important in this marketing approach. Therefore, marketing in social media, where people are a highly dispersed and complex group with their interests and needs, should not be carried out without a plan.

Let us briefly explain the stages of marketing in social media under the following headings:

Set Your Goals

In social media marketing, you should first start by setting a goal. What does the business aim at with digital marketing? The question of what is desired in the measurement results should be clarified.

Set success criteria

As a result of social media marketing, expectations for measurement results should be analyzed. The success criteria of marketing should be evaluated. The number of target audience, click-through rates, click-through graphics are among the success criteria.

Content planning

After the goals and success criteria are set, digital marketing content should be created. The content plan should be revealed and it should be decided which content will be more beneficial in achieving the goals.

Demonstrating digital marketing strategies

What kind of strategy will be presented with the content that is requested to introduce the business to the target audience. Having a strategy plan in digital marketing makes things easier. In this strategy plan, the channels to be used in digital marketing should also be decided. In addition, which platforms will achieve success criteria faster should be analyzed.

Evaluation of data and feedback

Digital marketing strategies and how effective the content is on which platform should be measured. Results should be evaluated for compliance with success criteria. In addition, customer feedback and comments should not be ignored.