Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital transformation is a concept that every home inevitably meets, especially with the coronavirus epidemic days. In parallel with technological developments, the active use of web-based applications and information systems in every field from education to the health sector points to digital transformation.

The rapid rise of digitalization around the world has brought new understandings in management and business models. One of the most important reasons for the changes brought about by digital transformation is the wide market environment created by online platforms. This new and rich market, which breaks down, changes and transforms traditional patterns; It is a rich investment ground for individuals, companies and brands.

What is digital advertising?

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Digital advertising is the use of digital developments in the advertising industry, from the preparation of the promotional materials of the product to the promotion of the service, in order to reach the target audience in a market enriched by online platforms. Materials designed through digital programs in product or service promotions delivered in traditional ways are also the result of digital transformation in the advertising industry.

Answers to questions such as what are digital advertising platforms and how to do digital advertising make it easier to understand the subject better. Digital advertising platforms;

  • Search engines play an important role in the digital advertising market. Advertisements placed on high-traffic search engines enable the product or service to meet with a wide target audience.
  • Social media channels also constitute the most important basis for digital advertising. Video and audio sharing platforms with a large number of users, social networks, blogs are important online platforms where digital advertisements can be placed.
  • Digital advertisements can also be given via e-mail, and users or potential customers can be informed about the product or service or current developments in the company by e-mail.

Benefits of digital advertising

Digital advertising has become a necessity for companies to stand out in the competitive environment. In an age where individuals carry out almost every job through online channels and digitalization accelerates in every sector; The benefits of digital advertisements can be summarized as follows.

  • Brands or companies expand their social networks through digital advertisements,
  • Digital advertisements increase the awareness of the brand or business, product or service,
  • Digital advertisements affect the decision of potential customers about the product or service,
  • Companies can reach the right target audience through digital advertisements, so it becomes easier for the advertisement to meet the expectations.

What Are the Types of Digital Advertising?

Digital advertisements can be given in various formats in the flow. Types of digital advertisements can be determined according to the type of product or service offered by the firm, person or company, the size or characteristics of the target audience, as well as the platforms on which the advertisement will be presented. Features of digital advertising types vary. If the types of digital advertisements are briefly summarized under the following headings;

Native ads

It is a type of advertisement that is shown in the flow in accordance with the flow, rather implicitly. Native advertising, called native advertising, is suitable for the content offered on the publishing platform.

Video ads

It is a type of advertisement in which the product or service is promoted directly or implicitly over the video. Shooting the video content with an original, entertaining, and effective scenario makes it easier to reach the target audience.

Pop-up ads

Pop-up digital ads are ads that can be reached to online users in different sizes and windows, and that can be seen independently of the content, unlike native ads. The most common use is through websites.

Social media ads

They are popular types of advertisements that can also be given by selecting the characteristics of the target audience in social networks or social media accounts. With these ads, businesses can easily reach their potential customers and people can benefit from these ads to expand their social media accounts.