The cosmetics industry continues to be the favorite of investors around the world. The concepts of beauty perception and self-confidence have a significant impact on the growth of the cosmetics industry. In addition, in parallel with the changing understanding of beauty today, the interest in cosmetic products is increasing day by day.

Cosmetics covers the products or treatments that people use to look better and flawless. These products include make-up materials, skin or hair care products, creams, aromatic products and perfumes. In addition, in recent years, vitamins in cosmetic products have become a product that is used in cases where the need for vitamins in body care cannot be met from food.

What do consumers pay attention to when choosing cosmetic products?


There are important issues that consumers pay attention to when choosing cosmetic products. The fact that the cosmetics industry provides products for human health directly necessitates people to be meticulous in product selection.

What do consumers want from cosmetic products? What should be considered when choosing cosmetic products? When choosing cosmetic products;

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  • It is important that the product gives confidence to the consumer. Today, we are faced with a more conscious consumer profile. People want to trust that they prioritize human health, from the production to the supply of cosmetic goods. Therefore, cosmetics investments that promote their products and services in a transparent manner and gain the trust of the target audience come to the fore in the competitive world.
  • Product promotions on digital platforms attract the attention of conscious consumers. In the digital marketing of cosmetic products, it is certain that product reviews and customer satisfaction will affect potential buyers.
  • While choosing cosmetic products, attention is paid to the type of skin or hair and whether it will solve the current problem. In addition, the quality controls of the product and whether it is produced in accordance with the necessary standards do not go unnoticed by the consumers.

Shampoo, hair care lotion and vitamins

Shampoo and hair care lotions are indispensable cosmetic products for men or women personal care. Shampoos produced according to hair types and moisture needs of the hair can also eliminate some specific problems. Hair care products and shampoos that prevent dandruff and hair loss are effective if there is no underlying condition that requires medical support.

Shampoos are one of the product types in the cosmetics industry where product and brand diversity is felt the most. It is expected that the shampoo strengthens the health of the hair while cleaning the hair, does not disturb the moisture balance of the scalp, and does not threaten the health of the hair. For this reason, it is necessary to use a quality shampoo suitable for the type of hair. The content of the shampoo can show properties that support the skin in combating many problems such as dandruff. Hair care lotions produced with cold-pressed oils according to the hair type provide care from the scalp to the roots. Hair lotions applied by massaging the scalp enrich the hair in terms of vitamins and minerals with the oils it contains. There is an increasing interest in hair care lotions that prevent hair loss and breakage.

Vitamins, which have recently become widespread in the cosmetics industry, support the skin and hair in terms of vitamins. Cosmetic vitamins should not be considered as a form of medical treatment. Supportive treatment. Skin, hair and nail vitamins;

  • Beautifies and tightens the skin,
  • Nourishes the skin, hair and nails,
  • Brightens the skin and provides color balance,
  • It is effective in tightening the pores of the skin,
  • Delays the effects of aging