Eyebrow Transplantation

The effect of eyebrow transplantation on aesthetics and beauty of eyebrows is undeniable, but it is not as strong as hair and eyebrow transplantation is the medical equivalent of this need. Although eyebrow transplant is a relatively simple procedure, some basic factors are taken into consideration.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplant surgery is a popular operation among women. Eyebrow transplant results in a permanent change in appearance, unlike coloring or tattooing. You will never face new challenges after having your eyebrows transplanted. Products for sale such as pills and sprays do not provide long-term results and are often ineffective for humans.

However, these difficulties can be quickly corrected with eyebrow transplant surgery. With eyebrow transplantation, a new root system is created and eyebrows are re-grown in areas where they were not before. Although eyebrow transplantation is more common among women in Turkey, it is popular with both sexes worldwide.

We fill the spaces between the eyebrows with new hairs. If you follow these steps you won’t have to worry about your eyebrows falling out again. You can use it as a long-term strategy.

As in other transplantation surgeries, natural techniques are used in eyebrow transplantation. It is one of the most frequently asked questions about eyebrow transplantation. Before starting the transplant surgery, the places where the eyebrows will be transplanted should be drawn. It is also very useful to calculate how many roots can be added after determining the region. During this therapy, patient preferences are taken into account and the patient can choose the area.

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The nape is used to collect the roots after the location is determined. Meats taken in separate directions are re-directed. In this method, many problems may arise if one of the directions is wrong while planting.

In this final stage, the roots are redirected and attached to the selected area. On average, the eyebrow transplant operation takes two hours. The patient should avoid direct contact with the transplanted eyebrow after the procedure. It takes at least a week for the roots to harden and crust over here.

The shelled seed eventually falls off, leaving a hard coating on the heart. It typically takes three months for these roots to become established. Although full recovery is expected to take six months, she may return to her normal state sooner.

Considerations after Eyebrow Transplantation

There are a few issues to be considered after eyebrow transplantation. The donor area where the hair follicles are taken and the transplanted area should be protected. Planting should be kept dry to minimize any potential difficulties.

The first wash phase, which occurs where planting is complete, can take between 24 and 72 hours after planting. It will be helpful to discuss this matter with your doctor at a time convenient for you. After the eyebrow transplantation process is completed, the patient can continue his routine life.

You should stay away from alcoholic beverages while using herbal tobacco products. Since the epidermis and the transplanted hair follicles do not fuse immediately, the recipient should be careful to avoid rubbing or bumping the transplanted area. Regardless of the individual’s condition, shock shedding occurs within the first 100 days after planting. In this case, only the transplanted hair sheds. Hair follicles continue to grow under the epidermis.

It may take up to a year for the transplanted eyebrows to show full effect. The time and frequency of occurrence vary from person to person. You have to take the information you receive very seriously. Your doctor will also give you information and advice on how to heal yourself.