Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is one of the areas where hair loss may occur in men, as well as hair loss over time. Apart from shedding, there may also be a situation where the beard does not grow regionally or in the entire face. For men with sparse beards, a beard transplant is a possible solution.

Beard transplant is a treatment classified as hair transplant. The same techniques can make people’s beards fuller and healthier. People’s dissatisfaction with their beard is quickly resolved.

What is Beard Transplantation?

There are times when beards are insufficient, which can significantly improve the appearance of a person. Many of the individuals in this type of situation have a beard transplant. is wondering the question. For those who are curious about the beard transplant process, we will examine all the details.

First, the patient’s nape area is anesthetized. After anesthetizing, the grafts are removed from the nape area. Then, channels are opened in the area to be planted in the beard area. The grafts extracted from the nape region are planted in the opened channels and the transplantation process is completed. Beard transplanting from dense areas to less dense areas is ideal for people who want a fuller beard. Since it uses the patient’s hair follicles, the overall result is quite realistic.

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Why Beard Transplantation is Needed?

Beard improves a person’s appearance; beard loss may occur over time due to genetic, hormonal or environmental factors. The absence of a beard for a man is a serious problem that upsets him in his appearance. Thanks to advances in medical technology, people with sparse or unusual beards now have a new option. With the beard transplant application, the beard of the person can be brought into an appropriate shape and important changes can be made on the face.

  • There is no solution other than beard transplantation for individuals who can not find any solution despite trying other treatment methods to regain their beards.
  • Medicated or topically applied creams and ointments may not restore beards lost due to irreversible reasons.
  • For some, the lack of beard is an aesthetic problem and this method can help fix it.
  • Although it is a complex surgical technique that requires local anesthesia, patients can resume their daily routines immediately. We can say that it is among the reasons for preference.
  • Beard transplantation can be performed simply by experts in the field.
  • The application is made using the hair follicles of the person and no prosthesis or equivalent transplantation is applied to the person.
  • Since beard transplantation is a kind of tissue transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to the transplantation area after the procedure. If care is not taken, infection may occur in the area.
  • There is no risk when the procedure is done by a professional.

How Beard Transplantation Perform?

First of all, we want to go through the beard transplant procedure. We are aware that there are some misunderstandings about the complexity of the situation when it comes to the techniques and steps involved in beard transplantation. Aesthetic operations are already beset with a series of misunderstandings and misinformation.

The relevant steps are listed below as a general guide:

  • The most important step in beard transplantation is the collection of hair follicles (grafts) for transplantation. In transplantation methods, the nape region is generally chosen as the donor. After numbing the nape area, the grafts are collected. It should be noted that the grafts should be collected homogeneously.
  • After the hair follicle collection process, channels are opened in the beard areas where the hair follicles will be transplanted.
  • The beard transplantation process is completed by planting the grafts collected in the opened channels.
  • All instructions given by the doctor after beard transplantation must be followed, otherwise a successful result cannot be obtained from beard transplantation.