Health Tourism in Turkey

Türkiye’de Sağlık Turizmi
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Health Tourism in Turkey

The question of what is health tourism has become an important search term. Investors’ interest in the field has also increased with the effect of incentives for health tourism. In addition, this tourism branch has become a source of economic income for countries around the world. This situation emerges as the development of health tourism activities and the increase in the number of businesses.

Health tourism has become widespread all over the world depending on globalization. The high treatment costs in developed countries and the fact that health expenditures are not covered by social security push individuals to travel overseas for treatment purposes. The development and facilitation of international travel opportunities have also made medical touristic activities attractive.

What is health tourism?

Health tourism is the whole of the touristic activities that patients or individuals who are sensitive to their health do in order to be treated and to find health in various alternative ways. Within the scope of touristic activities, health centers, health tourism businesses, elderly and care or thermal centers can be visited.

Care centers and thermal centers have become holiday centers and accommodation in their own right. Those who want to detox mentally and physically with practices such as relaxation, SPA and massage show interest in health tourism for twelve months of the year. For this reason, health tourism has taken its place among the bright areas of the future.

Effective factors in the development of health tourism in Turkey

Health tourism, which is increasing in popularity all over the world; It is an active sector in Turkey as well. Some of the factors that affect the active health tourism in our country and the reasons for the development of health tourism in Turkey can be expressed as follows:

  • Increasing the quality of health establishments and health facilities in Turkey,
  • With the increase in health investments in Turkey, our region has become a strong health tourism market for developed countries,
  • Since treatment costs are not covered by social security in developed countries, our country is more attractive in terms of treatment costs,
  • The preference of those who want to receive treatment in our country due to social prejudices in matters such as aesthetic surgery in Middle Eastern countries,
  • Rich in spa and thermal reserves.

Situation of health tourism in Turkey

Health tourism in Turkey is an area open to development. The breakthroughs and developments in the health sector in our country have also enriched the possibilities of health tourism. Health tourism in Turkey is also the subject of procedures. It is legally justified and a general standard line is mandated.

It is also seen that health tourism management is supported by incentives in Turkish legislation. Operators are encouraged and their entry into the market is facilitated by legal bases and circulars on support for health tourism.

Health tourism is evaluated in three categories by the Ministry of Health in Turkey:

  • Medical or medical health tourism: It is a tourism activity in which a certain treatment procedure is applied to individuals under expert control.
  • Thermal or spa tourism, SPA: It covers tourism activities where spa treatments and spa treatments are applied in spa centers under expert control.
  • Tourism for the elderly and the disabled: It includes the touristic activities where the elderly or individuals with special needs physically receive care and vacation in centers specially structured for them.

It is seen that the data of health tourism in Turkey is increasing from year to year. Therefore, our country is developing in the field of health tourism. Private hospitals, outpatient care centers in accommodation facilities, spa facilities and care centers for the elderly and disabled are the scene of important investments in the field of health tourism.

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