How to make a music album?

müzik albümü nasıl yapılır
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How to make a music album?

Music albums are record-type works that include songs sung by the singer or singers, that allow more than one work to be recorded in a single area, and that also have digital formats such as MP3. Music albums allow singers to announce their compositions or talents to a wide audience.

In the traditional sense, it can be said that the conditions for the production of music albums, the release and marketing of the music album are more difficult. However, in today’s world, digitalization provides convenience to individuals in many subjects. There are wider possibilities for those who want to benefit from digitalization in specific subjects such as making music albums. Along with digitalization, the possibilities for album production have also expanded and conditions have improved. Despite this, the subject of study requires a special knowledge and professionalism from technical works to marketing; This necessitates getting support from IT specialists.

Revealing talents and expressing themselves with their talents have gained importance today. Those who want to make their work visible in the music market are looking for an answer to the question of how to make a music album. Especially those who have not been able to follow the developments in informatics quickly should apply to people who are well-equipped and know the job.

Releasing a music album is a subject that requires meticulousness. The selection of the songs and the recording of them in a studio, even if they are amateurs, are not enough to release an album. This job requires a solid infrastructure and particular attention to copyright issues.

The stages of music album production can be summarized as follows:

  • The repertoire list is prepared and the songs to be included in the album are determined. Important preliminary preparations such as composition studies and demos related to works are completed. Negotiations and agreements regarding the copyright of the works must be made before they enter the studio.
  • Prepared demo recordings must be passed by an arranger. The arranger translates the works into notes and decides on the instruments. In the hands of the arranger, the demo recordings are developed and become a musical work.
  • When the agency part of the album is completed, it has now passed to a more professional and most important stage. The studio should be selected for the production of the album, and support should be obtained for technical work.
  • It is important that the mixing process can be done well in the process following the recording of the infrastructures of the works in terms of releasing a music album. Here, sound engineering comes into play, which is a special and professional field.
  • After the technical final processes are completed in the production of the album, it is printed and copied in digital media in the factories in the most preferred way today and turned into CDs, cassettes, and records.
  • After the album’s emergence, work begins on delivering the album to the target audience, making it visible, that is, marketing it.

What should those who release music albums pay attention to during the marketing phase?

Today, the most advantageous aspect of releasing music albums compared to traditional methods is that the marketing of the album has become easier due to digitalization. There are many platforms where the promotion of the music album published on social media and websites can be made. However, the marketing of the music album on these platforms should be done under the guidance of experts, even the digital marketing language.

Music album promotion on social media or digital channels is important to reach a wide audience. For this reason, good consultancy support should be obtained from technical support to the arranger during the music album making process. After the release of the music album, online market opportunities should be evaluated with the help of IT and marketing experts. At this point, moving forward with experienced and knowledgeable people is the presentation of the music album; It is effective in making it to the right target audience, through the right channels and in the right way.

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