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With the social media making individuals visible, the interest in how to make a movie and what it takes to make a movie has increased. With the increasing rate of watching video content, individuals’ discovering their talents, and the enrichment of digital opportunities, the demand for topics such as film production is increasing.

Filmmaking is not an easy task in today’s digital world as it may seem from the outside. It is a complex process that is interconnected and requires professionalism. No matter how good the scenario is within these processes, there are stages where professionalism and technical support are obligatory in the implementation of the project.

What are the stages of filmmaking?

When answering the question of how a movie is made, the stages of the movie should be mentioned. People who want to be an investor in the cinema industry or shoot their own film should start by learning about the stages of film production.

In the filmmaking process, two main processes come into play: pre-production and post-production. Both of these processes involve several interrelated stages. The elephant making phase processes can be summarized as follows:

  • The film development phase, in which the scenario and goals are revealed: In this process, a general scheme of filmmaking is created. What kind of a movie, with whom it will be shot and how much budget is required, the questions are answered. Even at this point, it would be appropriate to evaluate the target audience and its characteristics. The search for sponsors and the determination of financial resources should also be planned before production.
  • The production phase of the film is pre-production: In this process, agreements with the cast of the film and field analyzes should be made in the areas where the film will be shot. In addition, specific issues such as the equipment to be used in the shootings, studio, all kinds of equipment, costume designs should be completely completed before production. Everything about the construction should be negotiated with the management and organization team created.
  • Film production, film production phase: After the film production preparations, the production processes are started. It is the stage where all the plans for the movie come to life. It requires a teamwork that is integrated with task distributions, equipment and space. The stronger the management of the team, the closer and perfect the work will be to the goal.
  • After the production process of the film, the post-production phase is started. The images taken during the filmmaking process go through technical processes and take their final form in the post-production process. In addition, in this process, the work is finalized with its music, effects, and special images that need to be added, and the film is copied and transferred to media such as CDs.
  • Necessities should be done to make the film visible after the concrete production stages are completed. Marketing opportunities in the digital world should be utilized, and strategies should be determined for the digital marketing of the film.

Consulting services in the filmmaking process

The market environment created by filmmaking has increased its competitiveness. It is no longer enough for a film to be shot in high quality for it to attract attention. Today, consumers are after trust as well as quality. In addition, today’s people who live fast, do not do long research to watch a movie; focuses on the works best presented to him. Therefore, in addition to the shooting and production quality of the film, it is also important to actively promote the film with marketing strategies.

The filmmaking process requires technical equipment and infrastructure. From the production to the shooting of the film, the process and time management is required to be efficient. Therefore, in this process, there is a need for support to organize the work of the teams, from technical issues to management works, within a plan.

Film production consultancy, production consultancy activities make it easier for the producers by keeping the pulse of the target audience today. In addition, consultancy firms are well aware of the competitive environment of the film world, as they follow developments rapidly. In this environment, it is always beneficial to benefit from consultancy services on what will reveal the brand or the film.

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